S.S. Gyan Bharti, Our aims at providing total solution to its students under one roof. It is a place where the social, emotional, academic & spiritual needs of its students are satisfied with utmost care. Since its inception, On the whole it promises to be a complete school for your child.
Creative children look to school teachers of guidance and encouragement. They are valuable assets of the society. Constant encouragement and healthy guidance help them explore their hidden abilities.

S.S. Gyan Bharti, is an English medium school. This foundation currently manages Std.I to Std.X The school believes in imparting education based on moral, spiritual, ethical and secular values derived from the glorious Indian cultural heritage.

The School fosters all-round growth and development of each student to his/her fullest potential spiritually, intellectually and physically, it guides each student in the development of sound value system and inculcate in him / her a deep love and appreciation for his/her culture and country. It makes the students to reflect on their life and develops not only in the knowledge and skill, but also in that wisdom which is the fruit of life and its lessons.

Affiliated to C.B.S.E. New Delhi, Affiliation No.330669 / School No.65671
Our School computer Lab is well equipped with modern computers to provide our students.
The school has a spacious library for all bonafide students of the school to read magazines, story books, Newspapers etc.
The School has well equipped laboratories for different streams of science with excellent facilities for practical work.
S.S. Gyan Bharti Benipatti,The School has its own bus service for the students of distant places
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