Dear Parents,

Our aims at providing total solution to its students under one roof. It is a place where the social, emotional, academic & spiritual needs of its students are satisfied with utmost care. Since its inception, On the whole it promises to be a complete school for your child.

This objective can be best realized under the condition of the teachers adopting the role of a guru like Drona, the student adopting the role of Shishya like Arjuna and the parent adopting the role of a mentor like Bhishma.

Apart from following the prescribed curriculum and conducting extra/co. curricular activities.

The S.S. Gyan Bharti Benipatti (Madhubani), vision at imbining the ageless values of Indian culture in the global context. The virtues of self -discipline, self- restraint and self –development , which are the quintessence of Indian culture and Dharma are as relevant today as they were at their first teaching during the Vedic period.


Amresh Mishra
M.Sc., B.Ed., M.A. (Edn.)
( Director )

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